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We create digital solutions to everyday problems faced by companies throughout the UK. From simple databases through to complex enterprise systems and mobile applications, we can help.

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Who are we? CodeBLOC consists of a small team of talented software developers, who through the use of Microsoft .NET technologies create custom software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

What do we do? We create cloud, web, desktop, and mobile applications, and are experienced in producing customer-facing applications as well as systems for implementing internal business processes.

What services do we provide? We provide a complete product development service from idea to deployment. Alongside development expertise our team specialises in project and product management to deliver the software you need on time and on budget.

Why choose us? As a small team we care more – your business matters to everyone involved in the project. With over 20 years experience in building bespoke software our developers are ideally suited to making your product or idea work.

What We Do

Web Apps

Allow your team to access the software they need from any device, at any time with a web application. We have experience developing applications in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small database solutions to comprehensive training management systems, that can be accessed seamlessly from any device.

Desktop Apps

Desktop Applications are often reliable and powerful solutions as they harness the full capabilities of the computer they run from. With desktop applications, you can expect a smooth, fast-running solution that accesses data very quickly and performs at a high standard.

Mobile Apps

Every mobile app we develop is 100% tailored to our client. Our team take the time to understand our client's business needs and we design the apps to meet them.

Database Development

With a bespoke database solution, your data can be stored securely and efficiently. Multiple people can make use of the software at once and workflows can be introduced that speed-up processes, saving time and resources.

Software Integration

By effectively integrating your systems, you will reap the benefits of increased efficiency and effectiveness in your processes - whilst reducing the disruption caused by having all your data in several different places.

Legacy Support

We take over the management of existing bespoke software, keeping it running at its very best and providing unrivalled levels of support. We are always available at the end of the phone and on hand to fix any issues that may arise.

Our Process


To develop a solution that perfectly meets your needs we need to understand your business. This begins with a conversation to ensure we clearly capture what you want as high-level requirements. We will then provide a system overview and mock-ups to demonstrate our understanding of the overall workflow and design.

Plan & Design

At the start of each development cycle we work with you to decide on the most important features. These features are then planned in detail, defining exactly what is required to complete them.


The next step is to develop the new features in the software. While we're developing we rigorously document the system so that the code's intention remains clear in years to come.


We run tests on every build to verify that all new and pre-existing features function correctly. Our bug tracking system ensures that issues that arise do not slip through the cracks.

Staged Release

We first release to a staging server, as this is the most simple and straightforward way for you to review the overall progress of the project regularly. It also provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate the software to other people in your organisation, and review the requirements based on their feedback.


We have maintained many legacy software systems, and so are all too familiar with the long-term costs of software maintenance. The software we produce will be built to last, and be easily extended over time. We will happily continue to support the software well into the future.

Our Clients

I have used IT-Pro (and David Pinel in particular) continuously over the last 10 years with two separate companies. I can recommend David’s work as a programmer unreservedly. He has been able to translate my "verbal" descriptions of complex processes to to fully working software quickly and cost effectively.

He is the only contractor I have ever used in 20 years of business that I allow to complete tasks without a formal quote and bill me when he has done (cost+), he is THAT honest and reliable!

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